• Industrial and Pipeline Radiographic Test
• Magnetic Particle Test
• Dye Penetrant Test
• Ultrasonic Test
• Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection – (PAUT)
• Eddy Current Testing Methods – (ET)
• Visual Inspection
• Vacuum Box Testing



The main objective of this service is to make available to industry an experienced, qualified and reliable manpower resource. This solution to manning problems is of special importance to clients during periods of major construction activity. It has the advantage that AL-JOUD Construction Supervisors may be deployed for short or longer term assignments as project requirements dictate and is therefore very cost-effective. The utilization of AL-JOUD engineers and supervisors, whose expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, can be of particular benefit at critical phases of a project when targets are having to be reviewed and extra supervision is needed to expedite the work program


• Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
• Hardness Measurement
• Painting and Coating Thickness


• Welding Inspection
• Welders Performance Qualification
• Preparation of WPS and oversaw the PQR

F- Hydrostatic Test

• Piping and Pipeline Hydrostatic
• Pressure vessels and Heat Exchanger Hydrostatic

G- Routine and annual inspection and certification

• Industrial trial Boilers (Fire & Water Tube)
• Power Plant High Pressure Boilers
• Pressure Vessels (Tower, Drums, Heat Exchangers and Reactors ) Industrial Thick Wall
Pressure vessels
• Special Storage Tanks for Oil and Gas Industry
• Storage Tanks (Fixed, Floating Roof) for Oil & Gas Industry. Also Big Capacities for Water
• Oil & Gas Pipelines (Small & Large Dia. 48” . 56”- 60” etc.)
• Water Piping & Pipelines
• Coating and Painting Implementation and Inspection
• Piping Systems (Process & Utility)
• Relieving Systems including Safety & Relief Valves
• Cathodic Protection Systems &Equipments
• Corrosion Monitoring Systems & Equipment

H-Rotary equipment jobs

• Site jobs (installation, clearance inspection and maintenance) for equipment below:
A) All types of pumps (centrifugal pump, screw pump, reciprocating pump… ect. ).
B) All types of turbine (steam turbine, hydraulic turbine, multi stage turbine, expansion
turbine … ect. ).
C) All types of compressor (centrifugal compressor, screw compressor, reciprocation
compressor… ect. ).
D) All types of fans (induced draft fan, forced draft fan, axial fan … ect. ).
E) All types of gear box (increase gear box, reduction gear box, spur and helical gear… ect. ).
F) All types of electrical motor (induction motor, DC motor, starting motor,…ect. ).
• Site vibration inspection (vibration measurement, vibration analysis, diagnosis for all
mechanical problems) which covered:
A) All types of pumps
B) All types of turbines
C) All types of compressors
D) All types of fans
E) All types of gear box
F) All types of electrical motors
• Vibration analysis for all rotary equipment which have stationary vibration instrument like
(Bentley Nevada 7200 series ,3300 series ,3500 series) and machinery diagnosis throw
above B.N series
• Reset, edit and re-programming Bentley Nevada rack configuration by using rack
configuration software for Bentley Nevada 3300 series, 3500 series.
• Installation and mounting all types of smart vibration switch and programming for all types
of smart vibration switch and all series.
Al-Joud Co.
Al-Joud Co.

I- Instrumentation Jobs

• Field devices (Installation, Inspection, Maintenance & Calibration) which include:
A) All types of electronic transmitters such as (pressure transmitters, temperature
transmitters, flow transmitters & level transmitters ).
B) All types of safety devices such as (pressure switches, temperature switches, flow
switches, level switches & speed switches).
C) All types of control valves (pneumatic & electric) with its accessories
D) All types of temperature sensors such as (thermocouple , thermostat, RTD, …..)
• Control system (Installation, Inspection, Maintenance & commissioning ) which include.
A) Single controllers, recorders & indicators
B) Programmable logic controller ( PLC )
C) Distributed control system ( DCS ).
D) Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA ).
E) Vibration system.